Carry the Kettle Nakota Nation

Here we can keep the communication lines open amongst all our members!!

With our new Chief and Council,  we look forward to moving forward with all our endeavors!!

Let’s help our Leadership build and stronger Nakota Nation by discussing and focusing on the priorities that matter!!

Nakoda Nation

About Us

The ancestors of the modern “Carry the Kettle” First Nation/Reserve signed adhesion to Treaty 4 at Fort Walsh on September 25, 1877. The three Assiniboine chiefs who signed the treaty 4 adhesion were Man Who Takes The Coat (Cuwiknaga Je Eyaku, in the Assiniboine/Nakoda language), Long Lodge (Teepee Hoksa), and Lean Man (Wica Hostaka).

Chief and Council

Shawn Spencer
Lucy Musqua
Dwayne “Cliff” Thomson
Chief Scott Eashappie
Tamara Thomson



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